Saturday, 18 May 2013

America taught me lot's.

I learn't that I can overcome anything I want to, and get what I want. I learn't to trust myself above all others, to take calculated risks and not look back. I learn't that deep inside most people is a heart of gold, just itching to be released and shine, but that too many never allow it to escape. This ride taught me that commitment is everything, 100% total and utter faith and belief in what you are doing is what it takes to achieve it. Others may (and will) talk you down, criticise, judge and generally attempt to sabotage you, yet all you need to do is politely ignore those people, listen to your inner voice, the one that says 'Do it and never look back', and follow your hearts desire and everything around you will conspire to make it happen.

I have been trying to apply that learning back here in the so called 'real world'. However I wasn't ready for how hard it would be to re-adjust to life 'in the box'.  People who weren't with me in spirit on that ride just don't understand what it was all about. They often have an idea about the physical challenges, however this type of ride is not about that, it is about the mental challenges. The will to keep going no matter what, the ability to blank out the enormity of the road ahead and concentrate entirely on each single pedal stroke, one at a time as you climb over the mountains one by one. The power of the mind is what got me across the United states on a bicycle, that combined with regular overdoses of jelly beans and ice cream!

Barely a day goes past without my mind drifting back to some moment of this ride, some challenge, smell, view, noise, person, feeling, mood and they are without exception positive. I even remember the dehydration  with a smile! I miss the wind, the mountain passes across the cascades, the Rockies, the Ozarks, the Appalachions. I miss the heat of Kansas, the emptiness of southern Wyoming, the beautiful streams and rivers or Oregon, Idaho, and Virginia. I can still hear the voices of those that I met, those who helped me and became friends...and I want to go back to this land across the 'pond', and live again like there was no tomorrow.

I learn't that I don't fit into the box, the commonly accepted norm's of life in England; Moreover I learn't that this is a very good thing, something to be proud of, not embarrassed about anymore. I am pleased I am different, I am happy to have been able to shine. I feel sure that I can carry these life lessons into my future, and more immediately the upcoming LEJOG ride across the UK.

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