Saturday, 15 September 2012

Well today is my last full day in America. The plan was to ride the 15 miles to the bike shop and try to survive the highway traffic. But first I needed to get my ice cream fix and some T Ben and gerrrys.
Here I got an email.from my new friend Carlos who offered to collect me and Shinto and to the bike shop, help me pack Shinto into the bike box and stay over at his house near the airport ...let me wash.some clothes and then get Shinto and I to the airport in tbd morning! that...what a great gesture. So the logistics of taxis and motels all became much.simpler...cheers Carlos mate, you are a top man!

Getting Shinto taken apart and into.the box was easy, saying goodbye to Yorktown wasn't.  At Ben and gerrys this morning a guy ice cream just because he saw and figured, correctly, that I had ridden across the states!  I have to say that a lot of brits could learn a lesson in hospitality from our American cousins who throughout this little ride of mine have been amazing.
So, after and hour or so at the bike shop ans a subway lunch here I am at carlos' house taking a few moments to grasp the fact that I really did cycle across America and that in a day or back in rainy windy England.
Roll on the next adventure...the memories of this one will stay with me always....

It's tomorrow now and I'm at the airport..Shinto is checked in and my.thanks go again to Carlos for making the trips final.moments easy and memorable.

Farewell America ...but not goodbye.

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