Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The kindness here continues as I am able to stay here at the grace church until my fligjt leaves on saturday. The church house overlooks the beach and river..hence its name Riverview. I'm doing some  gardening work in exchange for this which I think is extremely fair as they didn't ask for it I just offered.

This is the best place to stay on the entire transam in my opinion and I am so pleased it is here at the end of my ride rather than the start.

If I can get a bicycle over the bridge to Gloucester point I will go.exprore over there tomorrow.

I'm incredibly tired for some reason. Perhaps the thought of the UK winter...hmmm....I'm told this place is similar in many ways to New England further north.....hmmm....



  1. You have a choice could stay....

  2. Well I do have a 6 month visa...;)